Three of the Latest Trends in Water Sports

Water sports are one of the best ways to enjoy a warm day. Surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, the list goes on. There’s something for all adventure lovers to enjoy out on the water.

If you’re looking to branch out and learn a new skill or go beyond the norm when it comes to water sports, there are some up and coming trends that are gaining popularity and are sure to be a hit with the athletes who prefer to take to the seas (or lakes). Check out five of the latest trends in water sports to get some inspiration for your next sporting challenge.

1) The Subwing
The Subwing combines two water sports: diving and water skiing! This is a device that consists of two flat wings that you can tow behind a boat. When you grab onto the wings, you’ll be dragged through the water at whatever speed you like. Loop, swirl, turn and learn how to swim dolphin-style.

2) Electric Surfboard
The future is here, and it has come in the form of electric surfboards. If you find traditional surfing tricky or don’t live close enough to a surf beach to participate as often as you’d like to, an electric surfboard may be the way to go. The motor allows you to surf without waves, on any body of water that you have nearby. These surfboards can reach speeds of up to 21mph and the battery is strong enough to provide you with 25-minute rides between charges.

3) Dinghy Canoe
Do you enjoy getting out on the river, lake, or ocean for a canoe adventure? Do you struggle to find enough room in the canoe when you embark on multiple day expeditions? A dinghy canoe could be a great alternative if you’re looking for more space, a comfortable ride, and a lower chance of tipping over if the water gets a bit rough. Dinghy canoes are the inflatable version of the traditional canoe and are perfect for adventurers looking for a more conveniently and easy-to-handle vessel.

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