What is a snowmobile?
In Finland and Canada it is often indispensable in winter, but in Germany, it is more of a pleasure to have fun: with a snowmobile or snowmobile, one to two people can ride on snow . The device is similar to a motorcycle, in the rear there is a caterpillar drive and the front two skis are mounted, with which the snowmobile can be steered. In winter sports areas, the snowmobile serves as a means of transport and is also used to rescue people after skiing accidents. Tourists often get the opportunity to participate in guided tours. In addition, forestry workers use the vehicle as a working tool.

Snowmobile: Mostly driving license required
In Germany, a car driver’s license is usually required to drive a snowmobile. Drivers must also be at least 18 years old. Depending on the federal state, a special permit is required to be traveling alone with the snowmobile: In Bavaria, for example, these only receive people who need the vehicle for grooming or supply trips. You do not need the permit if you are attending a recreational tour with a rental sled, but the car driver’s license is essential. Private property does not require a driving license because you are not driving there. However, you need the consent of the landowner.

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