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Planning the camping holiday

Let’s start from the beginning. Where should your camping holiday take place (domestic or foreign)? Who will you be traveling with (family, friends, class trip, etc.)? Are you going camping or will you stay in bungalows, campgrounds, caravans or camper vans or in the open air?

Let’s assume that your tent vacation takes place inland (further tips for camping abroad can be found below). You want to camp with your friends or family, and the traveling time is pleasant. Because your camping holiday takes place in the summer. If your upcoming vacation will look more or less like this, then the optimal conditions are there.

Food and drink
Many campsites or campsites are located secluded in idyllic places on or in the woods, lakes or the sea. Up to the supermarket in the next town are then often several kilometers to cover with your own vehicle, by bike, on foot or by public transport.

On most campgrounds, there are of course shopping. Hard-core campers rarely go shopping here. Because often the goods are more expensive on the campsite mini-market than in the supermarket in the next town. Campers are not uncommon low-budget travelers. Who saves the money for the more expensive hotel and cheap on the campground, the saved Moneten would not necessarily leave in the campground mini market.

Therefore, you should either get food and drinks either before arriving at the campsite or plan to take a tour of the campsite from the campsite to the nearest village and then stock up on provisions.

Hygiene on the campsite
At the campground, you have to share the washrooms and toilets with other campers. There is no way around it.

If you are a bit fussy in this regard, you should book a hotel holiday. But even if you are actually a bit vulnerable in this regard, I guarantee you that you too will get used to the new circumstances in a few days.

The following tips on camping hygiene can make your camping holiday more enjoyable
Packing list of your personal hygiene products

Before leaving, prepare everything you need for personal hygiene while camping. In principle, you need the same things when camping as at home:

Toothpaste and toothbrush
Shower gel and shampoo
Some toilet paper and / or handkerchiefs
Deodorant or perfume
Personal needs such as contact lenses, for ladies tampons, hair dryer, etc.
It’s best to pack your personal hygiene items in a toiletry bag. Everything fits in here, what you need. When you go to the washroom, you just grab your toiletry bag and a towel and have it all.

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